H2O Point of Sale System for Restaurant Management

Authorized by the Zakat and Income Authority.

(Cafes, Fast Food, Delivery Services)

Introducing the H2O Point of Sale System for seamless restaurant management, tailored for cafes, fast food, and delivery services. Benefit from its intuitive interface, multilingual support, and comprehensive features, such as sales and inventory management, multi-warehouse functionality, a loyalty system, cloud connectivity, and compatibility with various POS devices. Enhance your restaurant operations with H2O’s robust management tools, real-time monitoring, and in-depth reporting, making it the ultimate solution for your business.

FUTEC - H2O SoftwareFeatures:

  • Serves all types of restaurants (takeaway, table service, delivery, orders).
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-learn system.
  • Multilingual system.
  • Multi-level permissions.
  • Multiple currencies and payment methods.
  • Alert system for completing supply, transfer, and receipt operations between branches and warehouses.
  • Creating manufacturing equations and producing documents from them.
  • Systems work on a database with direct and indirect connections.
  • Ability to transfer files over the Internet:
  • • Linking to the main server (warehouses).
  • • Cloud-based connection.
  • Full management control of all branches in terms of items (their recipes and prices), employees, permissions, promotions, and distribution of requirements to specific or all branches.
    • Possibility to link with any accounting system.
    • Handles 3 types of items (raw material, manufactured, ready-to-use).
    • Multiple units of measurement for each item.
    • Multi-warehouse system.
    • Sales and inventory tracking.
    • Define the recipe and price for each item and for each sales method (takeaway, indoor, delivery).
    • Warehouse cycle (input, output, transfer, inventory adjustment, replenishment, receipt) with the possibility of confirming some documents before actual execution.
    • Periodic inventory of items and costs in the warehouse (annual, monthly, weekly, daily).
    • Loyalty system – point accumulation.
    • Works on tablet devices with two systems (Android / Windows).
    • Compatible with point of sale devices, barcode readers, electronic scales, and touch screens.
    • Deals with caller identification systems.
    • Ability to export files and data in word, excel formats.
    • System built on: Microsoft C#, Dot net – SQL. 

Point of Sale Screen Features:

  • Multi-selling system (Travel/Tables/Delivery/Orders/Car Service).
  • Ease of use and application.
  • Multiple payment methods (Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, SPAN, Credit, Coupon, Points).
  • Automatic currency updates and exchange rates via the internet.
  • Operating multiple points at the same time.
  • Ability to delete items, modify quantities, and adjust prices.
  • Table reservation system.
  • Transfer/merge/split tables.
  • Multi-colored interface for easy identification of table statuses and delivery orders.
  • Distributing orders to kitchen sections for preparation.
  • Automatic calculation of delivery fees (based on destination – fixed/percentage).
  • Ability to integrate with a telephone switchboard and display the caller’s name.
  • Ability to link each point of sale to a dedicated warehouse.
  • Ability to specify items for each point of sale within the same branch.
  • Each waiter deals with their own designated tables.
  • Adding flavors and the ability to link them to a group.
  • Unlimited number of suspended invoices.
  • Automatic discounts for each customer based on their loyalty card type.
  • Defining an unlimited number of restaurant sections, specifying the number of tables in each section, and the size of each table.
  • Splitting table orders into an unlimited number of invoices.
  • Call center system – automatically sending delivery orders to the nearest branch (multi-branch).
  • Entering daily expenses.
  • Barcode-based sales.
  • Automatic system lock when idle.

Management and Control Screen Features:

  • Real-time sales monitoring.
  • Quick and easy search methods.
  • Ability to create extensive and flexible offers (price/quantity/addition).
  • Defining measurement units.
  • Defining products and specifying their characteristics.
  • Ability to add questions to products to increase sales.
  • Automatic product cost calculation.
  • Using arithmetic or weighted averages to calculate cost.
  • Supports both printing and screen-based kitchen order systems.
  • Defining employees and employee groups.
  • Defining loyalty cards and their levels (Gold, etc.), and flexibility in point redemption based on level and quantity.
  • Purchases/Purchase Orders/Order Forms/Purchase Invoices.
  • Wholesale sales.
  • Minimum stock alert screen.
  • A screen displaying the cost and selling price of group items for auditing purposes.
  • Equations for manufacturing food items and packaging materials.
  • Ability to link flavors to each group separately.
  • Assigning multiple printers for each group and each item in the kitchen.
  • Specifying permissions for each user.
  • Defining customers and suppliers.
  • Dealing with employee meals, hospitality, and wastage.

Tablet System Features:

  • Works on Android + Win 8.1.
  • Modify flavors.
  • Open tables.
  • Add, delete items from tables.
  • Modify quantities.

Various Reports:

  • Graphical reports.
  • Detailed and summary sales reports.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Reports on production balances, inputs, outputs, production, wastage, maintenance, and employee meals.
  • Sales reports based on time period, weather conditions.
  • Order opening and closing time reports.
  • Delivery area-based reports.
  • Headquarters reports for comparing sales between branches.

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